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Marriage is not the only way for two people to become mutually responsible in a domestic relationship. More and more people are living together in family-like partnerships, whether same sex or opposite sex. When they buy or share use of property, they may acquire property rights that come into play in the event of a separation.

To schedule a consultation regarding unmarried couples’ rights with an experienced Pennsylvania family law attorney, contact us. Perhaps you and your domestic partner have agreed to draft a cohabitation agreement to be used in case your relationship ends. Or perhaps you are already in the process of separation, and would like to learn how your contribution, both monetary and non monetary may come into play with regard to the home you and your unmarried partner shared.

We will help you consider all your legal options for obtaining a fair settlement when you and your partner have decided to go your separate ways. Reconstruction of key information may include gathering statements from witnesses who can attest to the contributions that you made to the value of the property — whether financial contributions, or contributions through upkeep.

Contact us to schedule a consultation on partition actions for cohabiting couples affecting mortgage matters, deeds, and property division of other types of property besides real estate.

Property Rights for Unmarried Cohabitants in the Philadelphia Area