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Pennsylvania’s child support guidelines generally determine what each parent’s financial obligations will be in the event of a divorce or separation. However, the skill of an experienced Philadelphia child support lawyer can make a significant difference in the outcome of child support negotiations.

At the Law Office of Smith & Horwitz, we have more than 35 years of experience assisting parents with child support orders. To schedule your initial consultation about creating an initial child support order or seeking a child support modification, contact our law firm by calling 215-545-2880.

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When you work with one of our experienced family law attorneys, you can expect an in-depth discussion and analysis of your income and expenses. As your counsel, we will then prepare detailed documentation and attempt to negotiate a child support order outside of court. If that does not work, we will zealously advocate for you and your child in court.

If you have an existing child support order, you should consider coming in to our office for an evaluation. Pennsylvania’s child support guidelines have recently been revised, which means your order can be out of date. We help clients seek or fight against a child support modification.

Experienced Philadelphia PA Child Support Attorneys

Support Modifications and Enforcement

A child’s needs change as he or she ages, which also means that the amount and type of child support should also change with the circumstances. In addition, a child support modification can occur once every three years, even without a change in circumstances.

Some parents experience problems with nonpayment of support by the other parent. Whether you need help with a child support modification or a contempt hearing for child support enforcement, our attorneys stand ready to be strong advocates for you.

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To schedule a consultation related to child support after a divorce or separation, or to discuss child support enforcement or modification, contact our family law firm.

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