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About Bucks County

William Penn founded Bucks County in 1682. William named the county after Buckinghamshire, the Penn family home in England. Bucks is the fourth most populous county in Pennsylvania with a population of more than 800,000. The county is famous nationwide for its historical sites such as the Washington Crossing State Park, the Mercer Museum, and Pennsbury Manor.

Concerning government, it is a Class 2A county comprising of 23 boroughs and 31 townships. Three commissioners are elected every four years to govern the county. Other elected officials include Clerks of Courts, Coroner, Controller, Jury Commissioners, District Attorney, Recorder of Deeds, Prothonotary, Sheriff, Register of Wills, and Treasurer. Regarding judiciary, the county is served by eleven judges who are elected to serve a 10-year term. The county has a minor judiciary of 18 district justices with limited jurisdiction. The Northampton County was formed in 1752 from part of the Bucks County while Lehigh County was founded in 1812 from part of Northampton County.

Bucks County Courthouse
100 N. Main St.,Doylestown, PA 18901

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Family Law Attorneys Bucks County PA

Ending a marriage or wrestling with family legal matters is complicated and stressful. Itis advisable to find a professional and skilled lawyer who has a proven track record to successfully handle your family law case. Such a lawyer would have a reputation within the legal community backed by the willingness to defend client’s rights within their best interests. Sometimes, there is no need for litigation when negotiation and alternative dispute resolution can serve more efficiently. The Law Office of Smith &Horwitz has over 35 years of experience in handling family law matters in Bucks County, PA.

Top Family Law Lawyers in Bucks County

The Law Office of Smith & Horwitz represents clients throughout Bucks County, PA, practicing exclusively in the area of family law. Emphasis is placed on divorce and post-divorce matters, as the attorneys efficiently represent clients in a variety of domestic proceedings that include divorce litigation, child support, child custody, alimony, and prenuptial agreements. Through the many years of practice and experience, this professional family law firm has established a reputation for handling the most complex and contentious disputes in Bucks County, PA with utmost discretion.

Family Law Attorneys Bucks County PA

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The Law Office of Smith & Horwitz makes a long term commitment to every client. The firm focuses on resolving issues efficiently while putting clients in the best possible position to carry on with their lives. Where applicable, the firm can assist parties looking to resolve their domestic disputes outside the court. A myriad of emotions and reflections may surface throughout the divorce process, and the experienced lawyers in Bucks County understand how best to act for the client.

Smith & Horwitz legal firm centers its practice on client’s needs. The firm understands that different clients are faced with various situations in their pursuit of a positive resolution. In developing effective legal strategies, the Bucks County lawyers give each case the required scrutiny by detailing all the relevant aspects, to provide the best litigation, advice, and representation possible. Clients are given full guidance, education, and support throughout the legal process. Make the right family decisions today because they will definitely affect you and your family for many days ahead.

Top Family Law Lawyers in Bucks County