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About Chester County, PA

Chester County was founded in the late 1700’s. It is located halfway between two of the fastest growing cities in the Southeast which include Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC linked by Interstate 77. The county has a population of over 700,000. It was one of the three first Pennsylvania Counties created by William Penn in 1682. The county represents the highest Income County in Pennsylvania and 24 highest in the country. It has a beautiful rural setting as well as a dynamic growth plan for a business. The county boasts over 300 years of history through rare documents, newspapers and photographs in the research libraries. There are many galleries filled with engaging exhibitions along with special school and public programs all year round.

Chester County Courthouse
201 W. Market St.,West Chester, PA 19380

A three-person board of commissioners administer Chester County and serve on four-year terms. Elections occur in the odd-numbered years that precede the US Presidential elections. The commissioners have selective policy-making authority in providing certain local services and facilities to the county. These administrators handle the management of the fiscal and administrative county functions.

Chester County Lawyers

Any person can start a family on their own, but certain procedures affecting the responsibilities of a family must be dealt with in court. The rights couples receive toget married, issues relating to divorce, and the process of adopting a child are governed by the state and federal laws. The family law in Chester Count, PA defines rules, regulations and court procedures that involve family unit. Some family issues can be handled without counsel, but others such as divorce and child custody often require a skilled attorney such as in the Law Office of Smith & Horwitz.

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Family Law Attorney Chester County PA

The Law Office of Smith and Horwitz deals with family law, a branch of law that covers highly complicated and emotional issues associated with child custody, divorce, domestic violence and other trivial family matters in Chester County. The firm equally handles assets distribution and management, enforcement, relocation, and modification, all of which are all included in most family cases.

The practice of family law delves into the financial and emotional matters of a person’s life. There are many complexities to family issues, and disputes need complete focus and planning to reach an amicable resolution amenable to the parties involved. The Law Office of Smith & Horwitz is dedicated to providing you with the necessary knowledge and tools in assisting you to make decisions that you may not be in a position to handle alone.

Chester County Law Firm

The Law Office of Smith and Horwitzhas a great team of skilled and professional lawyers who are dedicated to finding resolutions to family disputes. Whether you are contemplating a divorce or facing the dangers of being a victim of domestic violence or embattled by a severe child custody case, our lawyers have the expertise in providing knowledgeableguidance and representation for any case in Chester County.

If you are a resident of Chester County and you are embattled in a family tussle, be assured that the professional law firm of Smith & Horwitz can effectively help. Contact the Law Office of Smith and Horwitz today.

Family Law Attorney Chester County PA